To one and all, and all that are one!  Welcome to Electric Ladyland’s Center of Curiosities.  Home to everything weird, strange, or innately bizarre.  We phased into reality in the year 1978, and have been permanently displaced into your universe ever since.  Supported and nurtured by one of the most loving communities one could hope to find, we proudly reside in the Highlands of Louisville still to this day.

We offer a wide range of products, from clothing, to stickers, incense and smoking devices.  Our culture is our love, and if we don’t love something about it, we won’t carry it.  And we continually look for more unique and interesting discoveries to offer.  Different is what we do best.

Do not be alarmed, as some select items on display habitually shift from paradoxical dimensions, and are not bound to any predetermined senses of time and space…  If you happen to catch one such oddity while it is tangible, however, our paranormal agents are more than ready to tag and pack it.  We do not ship outside of the US currently, and if you’re in Hawaii or Alaska, you may be paying a little more for transportation services.  We do apologize.

Our hope is to spread these gifts and collectibles to as many as we can, and provide excellence to quality and care of our products.  Our checkout process is safe and secure.  We regularly stay up-to-date on the latest SSL certificates and run tests to ensure your visit is hassle free.  As much of our merchandise is 21+, we greatly appreciate you rotating the sun’s orbit that number of times before attempting to purchase any of our products.  Thank you, and we hope you have a homogeneously wonderful day!

~ Sincerely, The Amazing Electric Staff ~