We love the things you do!  From music, to performance, art, and cultural phenomenon, we want to celebrate what keeps us all unique.  Here, we are gathering together a collection of local artists to continue in that same spirit which gave us life.  Providing a space for you to post your work, and give our community the chance to discover something new inside itself, and abroad!  To have your work featured on our website as an independent artist, simply be a local, and submit your work in a medium that we can post it.  This is for artists only.  So, we won’t post your cat videos, sorry, but we might browse through them all the same. 

All submissions are also reviewed for content that may not jive with our vibe, as overtly violent, sexual, or abusive subject matter may not be posted.  We also respect and understand the creative process, and hate censorship as much as you do, so these will be reviewed by our team thoroughly before any heavy decisions like that are made.  Promise.

For more details, or to simply submit your info, email: jack@electricladyland502.com, and our Curious Curator will respond to you in 24 to 48 hours!