Electric Ladyland Live! Grand Opening!


We are very, extremely, and positively ecstatic to announce Electric Ladyland has now launched it’s first, official website.  Built and hosted by the wonderful team over at Crosby Interactive, here in our very own Louisville, Ky, we are now live on the web.  After forty-four years…yes, we know.  But no longer shall we deny those far and wide from our delectable pleasures.  No.  Today this has changed, friends.  Our mission will be, and has always been, to bring you the strangest, weirdest, and oddest collection of gifts, collectables, and accessories.  While at the same time spreading joy and love to every person we can touch.

This is a tremendous moment for us, and it has come after many years of our community nurturing and supporting us in recent times.  We started off back in 1978 as a small shop called “Pyramid Records”.  It resided in a small building deep in the Highlands of Old Louisville.  We have since grown through the years, weathering bad times with the good.  All along the way, you continued to support us and keep our bizarre quirkiness alive and well.  To this day we still call the Highlands our home, and reside at 2325 Bardstown Rd.

Today, we offer a wide assortment of gifts, all hand picked by our specialized curators.  Jewelry, clothing, tapestries, posters, stickers, pipes, smoking accessories, incense. and everything you need to keep your vibe chill, strange, or somewhere in-between.  All of this is now becoming available to you from the comfort of your home, and to celebrate such a wondrous occasion, your first online purchase with us will be 20% the entire order.  Simply enter Lectric420 at checkout!  It is with great honor that we are able to share these treasures with you, and hope that you find as much joy in them as we do.

Stay weird, my friends,

Hippies Helping Hippies

  ~Jack Pratt, Curious Curiosities Curator at Electric Ladyland


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