Zack Weisner Glass - Mini Rig Hammer

Handblown, one-of-its-kind piece by Zack Weisner, beloved by our community, and was a true craftsman in his art.  A testament to his skill, and love for his work.  Standing roughly five inches tall, this little rig has the feel and quality that’s present in all of Zack’s glass.  Thick, solid construction, while remaining light and elegant in its feel.  Large. accenting marbles maintain an easy grip, and add a uniquely bold flare to its design.  A fixed dropdown stem also makes for a smooth percolation, with 14mm glass on glass joint.

Comes with 14mm glass flower bowl (shown) or quartz banger (if available, limited supply).  For tobacco or legal herbs only, must be 21+ to order.


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